How to Setup a Router with Smart Bro?

I just want to share this to you guys, on how to setup a router with smart bro. Firstly, I was hardly to setup my router to connect it with my smart bro connection. I have two computer at home I need to have an internet connection both so that's why I need a router to make another internet connection. So I was bought a router Linksys to connect it on. I am trying to set it up but I hardly to configure. I am not much good in technical thing that's why I was calling a help to my friend to setup my router. My friend teach me on how to setup a router with Smart Bro connection.

Ok this is what I did on how to setup a router with smart bro wireless connection. You can follow this manual if you want.
  1. First you must connect the Ethernet cable from the smartbro antenna to the WAN/Internet port of the router.
  2. Connect your computer to one of the Ethernet ports of the router.
  3. Make sure that ur PC is set to Dynamic IP (Obtain IP automatically)
  4. On your Internet browser, type, leave username blank and password admin.
  5. On the router’s setup page, set the Internet connection type to Automatic Configuration (DHCP) or Obtain an IP Automatically.
  6. Save the settings.
  7. Check the Status Tab to check if the router was able to get the connection from SmartBro.
  8. If Automatic Configuration (DHCP) didnt work, set the router to Static IP. Take note of the IP address, subnet mask, default gateway, DNS 1 and 2 of your PC when its connected directly to SmartBro, then put it on the corresponding fields.
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Xtazy said...

kuya, meron ako smartbro plan 999
eh dalawa pc ko, so i bought a router...
ok nman ung connection q nung una, pero ng mga 5weeks after n pag-gamit q ung net q nwawala...7am to 12n wla akong net..1pm to 3pm meron...